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    Hi please dont shoot me down for being new to all this but i need a bit of help.

    Ive got a unlocked Ifone with the following already on it. Installer 3 it softwear is V: 1.0.2 now i dont know how its been unlocked. (I got it through a friend) but there is a couple of things i want to do to it like make the ringtone louder. Ive seen a few postings on here about what to do once you get into the phone but the problem is i have no idea how to get into it? I dont want to turn it into a brick. i know i have to use terminal but what i do with it i have no idea.

    Can anyone help me with this..is there a tutorial i can follow?
    2007-12-04 01:03 PM
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    Im going to assume when you say "unlocked" you mean "Jailbroken". Unlocked means you can now use it on another carrier besides ATT, whereas Jailbroken means you can add/customize the phone. If you have Installer already on there, its been Jailbroken, so the hard parts already done. If you want louder ringtones, I create my own using audio editing software and increase the decibel rating on them making the ringtone itself louder. You can then SSH into the phone and add them to the proper spot on the phone. You are just adding a file, dont be too worried about bricking it with that, its just a sound file. Most people get bricks while trying to Jailbrake or Unlock it.

    There are plenty of tuturials on this forum to get you started with SSH, if you are running a Win computer most prefer using a program called WinSCP. It works great. Search around the tutorials are everywhere.

    Ohhh, and dont stop there, there's shitloads you can do to that phone
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    2007-12-05 12:37 AM