1. sneekymongoose's Avatar
    So I tried to upgrade my v1.1.1 today after what i thought was really good news from the local unlock guy and found that it completely locked me out. itunes said that the SIM was not compatible and all i get is this connector cable to the itunes icon. i've read a bit about cre.ations.net - Blog entry: Looks like the iPhone 1.1.1 update is reversible after all (kinda) it and i believe i have the 1.0.2 version now although it still doesn't work, but i can't get the itunesmobiledevice.dll on my itunes which is impeding me from going further...am i completely wasting my time? should i go to a professional unlocker or is this the end of the road for my version??
    2008-06-16 05:18 AM
  2. flattop95's Avatar
    yea you can't upgrade to 1.1.1 while unlocked, upgrading to 1.1.4 will fix it again
    2008-06-16 05:21 AM
  3. sneekymongoose's Avatar
    my phone was unlocked as i am in canada and with fido as a carrier. how do i upgrade it to 1.1.4?
    2008-06-16 05:28 AM
  4. dale1v's Avatar
    restore to 1.1.4 in iTunes, use iLiberty and select unlock/jailbreak.
    2008-06-16 01:00 PM