1. Bdotwells's Avatar
    so i jailboke 1.1.2.... but i have this SSH app i do not want... how do i get rid of it?? What does it do anyway??? Its not on installers uninstall list
    2007-12-07 03:31 AM
  2. iphonesolutionz's Avatar
    Well as far as removing it your the only option you have is to downgrade and to 1.1.1 and redo the jailbreak and UNCHECK install SSH when jailbreaking 1.1.2. SSH is used for remotely accessing files on your iPhone from a computer on the same network. My advise is don't worry about it unless your tired of seeing the icon.
    2007-12-07 03:41 AM
  3. jakecigar's Avatar
    SSH is THE protocol (without dedicated hacks) for adding new apps via your computer.

    in http://jailbreakme.com , you were given a choice to add it or not. You added it.
    There is no easy way to remove it.

    Even if you want SSH, it's a better idea to add it after the jailbreak is done.

    ADVICE: don't leave SSH installed unless you gave a new password. "alpine" is the default and would be the first guess of a hack or attack.
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    2007-12-07 03:52 AM
  4. hernz's Avatar
    how do you change the password?
    2007-12-07 06:37 AM
  5. annaj's Avatar
    SSH is really useful, you will most likely want to use it if you are going to be doing any modding in the future (even future updates probably).

    there is an app simply called SSH.app,
    it allows you to turn SSH on and off (when it's off others can't access your phone, and also I've heard that battery life is better with it off, but I can't confirm that).
    It also allows you to change your SSH password.
    2007-12-07 06:45 AM
  6. hernz's Avatar
    can anyone upload SSH.app for me? i uninstalled it before but now my schools not letting me on the wireless unless i change root and mobile passwords....they know about hte iphone then i thought!
    2007-12-13 12:40 PM
  7. laz305's Avatar
    hey I have been having horrible battery life and am willing to try anything. I have always had SSH ON cuz I didn't know any better, so I would want to turn it on only when I want to iphonebrowser or WinSCP into my iphone?
    2008-04-18 04:13 PM