1. corydwiley's Avatar
    Ok so im not on the up and up with how/why phones get bricked, but if I for some reason wanted to, can I remove the jailbreak and installer and everything so my iphone goes back to the way it was? and...if they release 1.1.3 soon, can I update it even if its not been hacked....? What i mean to say is can i update to 1.1.3 and use it just like a standard iphone without it getting all "bricked" or locked or whatever. Hope thats not too confusing lol. Thanks
    2007-12-07 06:20 AM
  2. ufmedrudy's Avatar
    As long as you havent "unlocked" your phone to work with an unsupported phone carrier, u will be fine.
    2007-12-07 06:40 AM
  3. corydwiley's Avatar
    Im using a valid itunes activated ATT Sim card and just went to the jailbreakme website and all that and just use the installer app and never did the anysim so i dont really know if its actually unlocked but im using the original sim so im ok right? And can i restore it to 1.1.2 so its back to factory default and no mods?
    2007-12-07 06:46 AM