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    I have two iphones.First i upgraded to 1.1.1,installed oktoprep but i upgraded to 1.1.2 using the restore file i downloaded.now i couldn't jailbreak it using (jailbreak1.1.2) method.even if i tried restoring back to 1.1.1,itunes will give me error,when i boot from recovery,i still cant activate iphone.The modem firmware remains 04.02.13_G.

    The second iphone was on 1.0.2,i tried upgrading it to 1.1.1,after installer virginiser,i wasnt sure if i had installed BSD before,so i rebooted the iphone to stop the virginiser but it has alrerady erased the baseband.i tried to restore it back to 1.0.2 but i couldnt activate.i restored using 1.1.1 still couldnt activate.it tells me insert correct sim and the imei gives me this 0049 stuff.please could anyone give me solution on how to fix this issues cos i am phoneless now.
    2007-12-08 12:22 PM