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    Ive used ziphone 3.0 to jailbreak my iphone, not unlock it. I dont want to unlock it. Does jailbreaking mess around with the baseband or bootloader? On bb info, my baseband says present, and my bootloader version is 4.6_M3S2. Is this normal for a 1.1.4 firmware iphone, and can you tell by looking at those if its unlocked because im not sure if it is and i dont want it to. I want to virginize my iphone back to factory fresh form, with the same baseband and bootloader befor i jailbroke. I would like to know 1) are the baseband and bootloader fine, and i just go on with virginizing? 2) Whats a complete way to virginize the phone instead of just restroing, i want to restore a couple of times, to make sure everythings clear. Later i will jailbreak with iliberty, because im having alot of problems with my phone from using ziphone. Thanks
    2008-06-29 03:26 PM
  2. Poseidon79's Avatar
    Welcome to MMi! If all you did was jailbreak then your bootloader and baseband are still factory and you don't need to virginize. In the future please download and install iLiberty instead of Ziphone for your jailbreaking or other modification needs. Ziphone has proved to be more risky.
    2008-06-29 04:34 PM
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    2008-06-29 07:50 PM
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    full guides are here
    2008-08-26 11:49 AM