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  1. iphonerox's Avatar
    okay so i was following directions to upgrade my 1.0.2 to a 1.1.1 and have it unlocked. i got to the part where you go on a wifi connection to get apptapp for 1.1.1, it took me back to the activation screen, then went to the apple startup screen.

    now it just sits there, with random refreshing circle thingy moving then stopping then moving. its not going to the spring board or even the activation screen. its just the black apple screen. i did a reset and it just goes back there. i can't even get it to go to the yellow triangle "please connect to itunes" screen.!!

    help! any way around this?
    2007-12-13 03:37 AM
  2. mmmhshiney's Avatar
    Looks like something went wrong in the upgrade process and you will probably need to start again. Get the phone back into DFU mode and restore f/w 1.1.1. Good luck
    2007-12-13 08:24 AM
  3. i_rezsoh's Avatar
    i had the same problem when i was doing my 1.0.2.
    dont worry, it is not cocked up.
    I only put it back to recovery mode. Do it and start it again.

    1) Connect the iPhone to your computer.

    2) Hold down the Power and Home buttons. The iPhone will reset. CONTINUE holding the buttons down for 20-25 seconds. Do not release the buttons during the reboot process. The phone should come up with an error icon which say "Connecty to iTunes" or something like that...

    good luck
    2007-12-13 11:41 AM
  4. jsmithh's Avatar
    what do u do after it goes into that itunes screen?
    2008-01-14 09:53 AM