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    I bought an iPhone Monday December 10 07. I have a business account so I had to jailbreak my iPhone. It worked great for a day now I'm not receiving SMS from other carriers(I'm with AT&T and can receive from other AT&T customers only) I can send SMS to anyone just can't receive them from people on other networks. I am using windows vista at home so I need the help info for windows not mac. I love the iPhone I don't want Togo back to my old phone. I followed the jailbreak to instructions prefectly and now I'm running 1.1.02

    ok I just called att and told them I unlocked one of there iPhones. They said the problem was on there end and they needed the imei number on my phone to update it on there network and that I should give it 24 hours and I'll start receving SMS's. I'll post and update in 24 hours and let everyone know if this worked.
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