1. monte1985's Avatar
    Hi . Right now i have my iphone with the 1.0.1 firmware and it is jailbroken. Want to go to 1.1.1 and possibly to 1.1.2 and jailbreak. I searched and did not really see what to do . My phone is not unlocked . Should i just update to 1.0.2 and then to 1.1.1 or what ?? Also im using one of the gun metal themes right now and would really like to keep that . Can it be kept with 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 Please advise me if you can what i should do . Thanks
    2007-12-20 04:04 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    Follow this guide bro, you'll want to upgrade to 1.1.1 and install ok2prep from installer BEFORE you upgrade to 1.1.2 and then jailbreak 1.1.2 easy! And yes, you can still use your themes.....your good to go, I am on 1.1.2 and modding like crazy....I also have that theme

    2007-12-20 05:12 AM