1. ValentineBoy's Avatar
    So i was on 1.1.1 jailbreaked not prepped. my friend plugged my phone into his computer blah blah updated it to 1.1.2 on accident.

    the screen doesn't respond and freezes on the home screen.

    i tried home+unlock - home button shift+restoring downgrading 1.1.1-> 1.0.2 and all that ( a few times actually ._.; )

    tried downgrading with iBrickr

    the screen always frozen.

    im not sure what to do... or what's wrong with my phone

    my phone was not otb 1.1.2 i got it the first week it came out =\

    please help

    2007-12-20 07:48 AM
  2. ollimagic's Avatar
    Hi i have the same problem i can tell you from my expirience it is a hard way to get it unfrozen and as long you have not erased your baseband it will stuck always only way is downgrade to 1.0.2 you will find the instructions here in the forum than install with Ibrickr
    BSD Subsystem and Terminal on the Phone Restart it and hit with your finger on the pount were the Terminal Icon is. it will start (only application that work on frozen Phone) after you start ieraser (wher to find it and where to put it you will find in forum too)
    and erased your Baseband you can restart the Phone it will not more freeze but you have no Wi-FI no Tel no Bluetooth all this stuff. So there are ways to make the Telphone part working but not wifi and no Bluetooth because when you restore Baseband it is not possible to restart Iphone without freezing i am working now weeks on this Problem and you can read in this Forum there are many People with same Problems so i hope a bit for the next Firmaware Update Regards from Germany
    2007-12-20 10:37 AM