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    Remember, I am no expert on this, just some guy who got lucky fixing his iPhone also trying to help out. As far as I know you don't even need all the other files in the file, only the ienew and iunew. I dont know about the * thing. This is a good resource though:
    [Solution][iFix1011] - Fix for iTunes with "1011" Restore error - Hackint0sh
    2008-07-31 05:09 AM
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    Hey guys sorry not posted back for ages been really busy. THis may help non of you ill just post it cause it worked for me

    I have fix an error 1011 iphone.

    i had all the symptoms as descirbed earlyier so i decided to open up the iphone. all was fine and a scratched away a point and got ready to do the test point trick. so i ran the command and it use to allways get stuck on spamming AT wating for data. no mater what there was no fix for that. so i changed it up full then ran the command again. this time at spamming at waiting for responce i left it to the battery died then didnt touch it for about 1/2 months and when i turned it o i found it had imei wifi blah blah... so i updated through itunes and volia working iphone.

    Write back if you need me to go it to detail im a little pushed for time now thats al
    2008-09-26 12:23 PM
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    newbie and a bit of a numpty... so treat me gentle

    i have the 1011 problem too

    i had my 2g phone unlocked on 2.0 5A347 and one day as it was just sitting in front of me a "Repair needed" message popped up... i've tried restoring it didn't work

    i've tried winpwn it still no joy

    I've restored it to 2.0 with the original firmware but it still come up with the 1011 error and shows the connect to itunes picture on the phone for a while and then goes blank.. i can only get it to recovery mode from there

    anyway i've looked loads of sites without much hope and understanding even less.... i found this thread which has give me a bit of hope.

    It's been a while since this was first posted so what i need to know is is there anything new....a simple set by step guide that a fool could follow

    is there something new on the scene that can help
    or other guides out there

    2009-06-17 01:37 AM
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    I recently encountered the error 1011 message when trying to restore my iPhone 2g. After a lot of reading and tweaking I was able to fix the problem. Here's what I did:

    UPDATE: 2 things you should do first -
    a. Uninstall iTunes
    b. Download this zip file (contains all the firmwares you'll need + a custom firmware to jailbreak and unlock when you're done restoring iPhone + iTunes 7.5 installer) I uploaded to MegaUpload ( (Note: the version of iTunes 7.5 is a windows file in this zip, if you need the mac, still download the zip, but also search for iTunes 7.5 mac on google and download)

    1. Downgrade iTunes to 7.5 (google/youtube it to figure out how) and then restart computer
    2. Download firmware 1.1.4 ()
    3. Enter DFU mode
    • Power off completely
    • Hold power for 3 seconds
    • Without releasing power, press and hold home for 10 seconds
    • Release power but keep pressing home for 30 seconds (NOTE: screen will be blank, but your computer and iTunes should recognize it)

    4. Shift+Restore (Alt+Restore on mac) and locate where you downloaded 1.1.4 firmware (should be .ipsw)
    5. Let iTunes do its thing (NOTE: you probably will not successfully install 1.1.4 the first time)
    6. Assuming the restore fails, download iLiberty +
    7. Run iLiberty + and select activate, unlock, downgrade bootloader, jailbreak
    8. Hopefully that works, if not, then go to "Other tools" in iLiberty + and select "Jump out of recovery mode"
    9. If that works, you may want to try to re-activate, unlock, downgrade, jailbreak, etc.
    10. Upgrade iTunes back to 8.2 (look up tutorial if you want to keep your library intact)
    11. Put iPhone back into DFU mode (see step 3)
    12. Restore to firmware 3.0 (should just be able to click restore)
    13. You can now just run it on 3.0, use redsn0w to jailbreak it, or use Pwnage Tool to shift+restore (alt+restore) to custom firmware after putting iPhone back into DFU mode
    14. If the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are greyed out when you turn the iPhone on after restoring, you need to go to Settings-General-Reset(at bottom)-Reset Network Settings
    15. Let it reload, then hold power, slide to power off
    16. If that doesn't work, trying restarting by holding power and home
    17. Start up your iPhone and you should be good to go!

    (I have heard that trying to restore w/o a SIM card can cause problems, make sure it's in just to be safe!)

    Be sure to be in DFU when necessary (see steps 3, 11, and 13 if you want to restore to custom 3.0 firmware)!
    Hope that helps! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

    P.S. I did this w/ an iPhone running on T-mobile. If you have AT&T then don't bother w/ the activating and unlocking in iLiberty+ if you don't want to, all that's necessary if you have AT&T is the "downgrading the bootloader" option
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    2009-06-29 09:04 AM
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    thanks for the above post... i'll try it later when i can get a bit of time
    2009-06-30 12:22 PM
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    Can anyone help me with same issue, step by step please, I can paypal you a little gift?! I posted with my problem here:
    2009-08-27 07:18 PM
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    files ready to go in usr/bin/
    with iplus 2.0b mobile terminal is installed...
    I let you know
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    2009-08-31 03:59 AM
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