1. ♻①☛'s Avatar
    I am having a problem with my stealthsim.First it tells me there's no service and after a while it gives me the no sim installed screen.I turn it back on and it starts searching for a network again w/out any problems.I've done the unlockdownd file process and still no result.I've installed iwork and no solution either.I've tried aligning it and received different results but after a while all of them still end up in NO SIM.Does anyone know what can i do
    2008-01-01 09:20 AM
  2. jtesnani's Avatar
    have you had any luck since you posted? i also have an iTurbosim and ran into problem yesterday after restarting my phone, and has been "NO SIM" ever since. I've tried restoring the phone, re-jailbreaking and also realigning the stealthsim about a million times. Nothing. I've contacted the seller and he's been very responsive and has offered an exchange. Other than that, I'm not sure if it's an easy do it yourself fix.
    2008-01-07 06:51 PM