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    Ok so here it goes hopefully someone here can help me or lead me in the right direction. Let me first start of by saying I am a newbie so please go easy on me if I do not explain something the correct way.

    I have an IPhone which I unlocked with IPSF about 2 months ago when firmware 1.1.2 I did the upgrade and everything worked great. About a week ago I let my brother borrow my phone and he connected it to his mac which he did not tell me at the time, and tried to sync it with his itunes to get some of my music. Well it deleted my music off my iphone and when I reconnected the phone back to itunes on my mac it would show my disk space as being full which it was when I had all my music loaded but it showed i had no songs in my playlist. So after getting frustrated I decided to do a restore hoping it would fix the disk space issue and I could start over. Well that did not go as planned as it unactivated my iphone and I could no longer use it. So I tried to search the web for answers and didnt come up with much other then to downgrade back to v1.1.1 which I did and jailbreaked the phone which I did.

    Now when I put my sim card in it says no service so I figured maybe it needs to be unlocked again I redownloaded ipsf and ran software and it says phone is unlocked but again when I put my sim in it says no service where the carrier would be.... does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do???

    Please be detailed as I am just learning all these things.

    Thank You
    2008-01-02 09:09 PM
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    Install OKtoPrep from installer.app, then UPDATE back to 1.1.2, and once that's done run the jailbreak.jar file again (from conceited's website). That should fix you up good as new.

    The original problem, you can't take music back off your phone through iTunes. You have to use an external program to grab them. When your brother plugged it in his Mac, it thought it was a new iPhone so it wrote a new iTunes library, while leaving yours in place. When you plugged it back into your computer, it likely said it was full with "other"? That was your library. Use Swaptunes next time.
    Get "iPod & iTunes for Dummies", it'll change your life.
    2008-01-02 09:14 PM
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    I tried upgrading like you said and I then recieved an Itunes error 1602 any suggestions?

    issue fixed reinstalled itunes and followed above directions and all is well..

    thanks you
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    2008-01-02 09:55 PM