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    I get the following error message while trying to restore my iphone for firmware 1.1.4

    The iphone 'Iphone' could not be restore. An unknown error has occured (20)

    I downloaded a program (third party software) to my iphone few dayz ago and it asked me to restart the phone, once i restarted, it got stuck on the apple logo. I managed to fix that problem using itunes' "restore n upgrade" option but in the process I upgraded the iphone to firmware 2.0 and now its bricked. I see the itunes logo withe the USB pointing towards it n the slider which takes me to a keypad to make emergency calls. Basically nothing works and my itunes asks me to activate the phone

    I am trying to unbrick the phone and downgrade it to 1.1.4. I googled and downloaded iphoen firmware 1.1.4 and saved to my comp. Than I connected my phone to my comp and tunrned the phone off. Than I pressed n hold the "home" button until the phone turns back on and i see the itunes logo with the USB cable piontin 2 it aagain. Only difference is taht I don't see the slider and I get the message in itunes that iphone is in recovery mode. Than I press **** and click on restore and open the firmware 1.1.4. Itunes extract 1.1.4 but than it gives me the above message that my phone could not be restored.

    If anyone has any suggestions or knows how to fix this than please reply. Please any help would be great,. Thanks all
    2008-07-17 06:58 PM
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    I have the same problems. If I plug my iPhone to iTunes 7.5 the iTunes can't find iPhone (USB won't work on iTunes 7.5) I can see oPhone on iTunes 7.7 and go to Welcome to your New iPhone AT&T activations screen.
    If you hear how to downgrade or fix the problem please let me know. Thanks, Jan.
    [email protected]
    2008-07-18 05:33 PM
  3. the kid's Avatar
    i followed these instructions

    2.0 to 1.1.4 Downgrade - iPhone News & Review

    after i used ziphone in the end and simply hit "do it all" button
    finally i had everything execpt installer so to get it back i used ziphone again and this time i used "jailbreak" option

    good luck!!
    2008-07-20 02:59 AM