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    I know I shouldn't have attempted the upgrade, but that was before I found this site. My iphone was running 1.1.4 unlocked w/the jailbreak (T-Mobile) but I can't tell what version my iphone is running at this point (2.0 or what?). I tried the 2.0 to 1.1.4 downgrade guide that's provided in this forum, but itunes 7.5 doesn't acknowledge my iphone & tells me I need to upgrade to 7.7. My computer also recognizes the iphone as new hardware but then says there is a problem & it may not work correctly (I never got this hardware message with 7.7).

    With itunes 7.7 my iphone will go through the restore process, but I then get a screen stating that there is an incorrect sim installed....
    2008-07-18 03:10 PM