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    Stay calm if you have the same problem, your phone will be OK. You will lose all your data but your phone will work again. Hopefully.

    Original: Unlocked Iphone 1.1.4 for T-mobile.

    I was installing tzone, everything works except youtube app (I dont think it's suppose to), anyway I installed the youtube fix and activator. I then did a reboot of the system. It just stay on the apple logo screen, you can see the processing animation (the small circle thingie) but it never go pass the apple logo screen. I let it sit for over an hour and it's still on that screen. I don't think youtube fix or activator was the main problem, something else went wrong and maybe a crucial file(s) got deleted.

    1. Put your phone into DFU (device firmware update): Turn your iphone off. Hook up to your computer. While the phone is off, Hold home and power for 10 second, release power button, and continue holding on the home button until the computer recognize your iphone.
    2. iTunes will open if not open already. iTune (7.7) update to version 2.0 software.
    3. Put your iphone in DFU again. Hook up to another computer/laptop with older iTunes (7.5 or so) and restore (shift+restore button in itunes) and restore to 1.1.4 (download via download link / firmware in modmyi.com)
    4. Use iliberty to jailbreak/unlock/activate

    Reason why I update and restore is when I restore the first time using iTunes 7.5 (and firmware download from here) and unlock, most of my old apps is still saved on the iphone as file but no icons on the screen and I have problem uninstalling and trying to install it again.
    iTunes 7.7 will not let me restore to 1.1.4 on my computer luckily I have an older itunes on my laptop.

    I'm not a computer/software/iphone expert. I could not find any post regarding my current situation so this is how I solved my problem. This is by no mean the best way to fix the problem, but it's fixed and I'm very very happy my iphone works again.
    Hopefully this post will help someone.
    2008-07-18 05:01 PM
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    The fact that you upgraded it to 2.0 means that you changed the bootloader to a higher one? i understand that you downgraded using another laptop and putting the 1.1.4. but if what you did works, then why are other people making long azz procedures where you have to restore twice to 1.1.4. then use kiphone to downgrade the bootloader ?
    2008-07-18 05:27 PM