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    For Windows Users

    May be usefull to some UK O2 1.1.2 OOTB users who have lost edge after jailbreaking, I have been trying for 2 weeks now to get edge back and finally managed it today with much help from this forum,
    did not fancy doing it the wifi way with a laptop, seemed to much of mess on, anyways here is how i managed it ..
    1st you will need grab Iphonebrowser and install it

    2nd you need XMLSpear fom here http://www.donkeydevelopment.com/

    Now run Iphone browser and navigate to

    now find O2_UK.plist

    right click the file and click save as (I saved mine to the desktop and also to my documents just to be safe) dont close the browser.

    now run XMLSpear and open the plist file you saved

    It will open the file and show you the source txt ... just click ok

    now you need to click the source tab in the center of the screen

    now make a space under this entry (its a few lines down)

    to make a space just tap the enter key at the end of the <true/> line

    now copy this and paste it into the space


    now goto file, click save as, and save the edited file over the top of the old one.
    so far so good hopefully.

    now goback to Iphonebrowser and drag n drop the edited plist file into the same location you saved it from.. if you closed the browser you will need to run it and navigate back to where the plist file is before you drag n drop the edited one in.

    all you need to do now is turn off the Iphone and reboot .. hey presto edge settings are back.

    hope this helps. may thanks to the peeps who showed me the way to go, without this forum i would have been Edgeless ..

    dont know if this will help the mac users, XMLSpear is available for the mac from the same URL but I dont know if mac owners have Iphonebrowser or something similar.. sorry
    2008-01-06 11:51 AM
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    thanks for the info mate, got a quick question for this before i give it a go, im using a O2 pay and go sim no a contract, will this still work also with me been on pay and go will it be expensive??
    2008-01-06 12:40 PM
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    Im not that clued up on this Iphone stuff, sorry
    mine is a contract sim.
    im sure someone on here will answer your query in due time.
    2008-01-06 02:21 PM
  4. Rustynuts's Avatar
    well i just did your guide and your right works a treat, edge settings is now viewable. thanks
    2008-01-10 12:01 AM