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    I was researching the 1.1.3 rumor cloud, and came across a site on Wiki, that was talking about re-virginizing the phones after jail breaking them. I'm not sure if this applies to me, which is why I'm posting....

    They were talking about IPSF and AnySim So I'm confused.

    I followed the Guide on MMi. so I downgraded from 1.1.2 to 1.0.2; jailbroke;upgraded to 1.1.1; jailbroke; upgraded to 1.1.2; jailbroke and now here I am.

    Did I use any of these methods that they are talking about?

    I am still on At&t, and have not used any of the sim programs.

    Do I have to be concerned about bricking when I upgrade to 1.1.3 and jailbreak that?

    They were talking about a counter that counts the break attempts and bricks the phone after 4 tries.

    So, I'm sorry for the long babbling post, but I'm in over my head, and I don't want a $400 paperweight....

    Thanks in advance for anyone who attempts to help me understand this.

    2008-01-08 03:35 AM
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    you're fine. so long as you havent messed with the baseband (you would know if you did) and just jailbroken...the worst thing that can happen (and will happen) is all your third party apps will go POOF.
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