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  1. evanfr0mheaven's Avatar
    First of all i want to put a shout out for the amazing work everyones done here with getting bricked 1g phones (like mine was), back up and running "perfectly" again on the new 2.0 software! However, i got some free apps and went to run them on my phone and the app will flash for a second and then go back to the main screen with all the icons on it. I remember seeing something about cydia but im confused on this. Can my 1g iphone not run specialized apps yet??
    2008-07-22 02:29 AM
  2. rusty778's Avatar
    Well if they are app store apps it should work just fine. If they wont load turn on and off your phone. Or if that doesnt work uninstall and reinstall them. If they are jailbroken apps 99% of them arent going to work on 2.0, all the coding and core APIs have changed. Just wait a while and they should start to be updated in the coming weeks
    Everytime you dont press THANKS god kills an iPhone(so please save zee the iPhones)
    2008-07-22 03:16 AM