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    (sorry guys for also posting this same note in General Forum, thought I might get a faster response)

    Hi everyone,

    I cannot install any new apps through Installer - the file downloads but doesn't install and I cannot see the app icon (sometimes I see it with a "?" sign in Customize). I'm using 1.1.2. Recently when I was using 1.1.1 I had the same problem, a friend told me its because I'm using Customize which changes a lot of system files, but after uninstalling Customize I had the same problem. I then upgraded to 1.1.2 and everything worked fine till yesterday, and yes I did install Customize and Categories a couple of days back (can't live without them). Any idea how to solve this problem, short of reinstalling 1.1.2 (or waiting for 1.1.3 ). Cheers, Buzz.

    Guys, please ignore this post - already got a reply in General iPhone forum!

    Guys, please ignore this post - already got answer from General forum (http://modmyi.com/forums/showthread....699#post150699). Cheers, Buzz
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