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    I'll start by giving you a little insight as to how I got in this predicament. I bought an iPhone from a friend who had already registered his through ATT but was not jailbroken. I put my simcard in and unlocked/jailbroke the phone and begin to download apps. My phone locked up after using Boss Tools to free up disc space. After hours of trouble shooting I was FINALLY able to restore my phone through iTunes. However, it is now upgraded to 2.0.

    I currently have service with ATT. When I plug in my phone through iTunes ATT asks that i register it. I want to avoid doing this.. Is there anyway i can unlock my phone while it is on the iTunes/USB screen? Or do I have to register it to ATT. (I dont really want ATT to know i have this)

    I just downloaded an earlier version of iTunes (7.6) and tried to restore it w/ 1.1.4 but iTunes is not detecting my iPhone! (I DLed 7.5 first but it wouldnt find it either)
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