1. siberianlocust's Avatar
    I'm hoping that someone can help me out here, because I'm really frustrated with my phone and I'm a sad panda about it =(

    I hacked my iPhone with what I believe was iBricker in around September. My phone came with 1.0.2, and that's the version that I still have. I already had AT&T, I just wanted to hack it so that I could put installer.app on there so I could install neat apps.

    About a month ago my phone started being all slow to respond to touch. I'm just interested in restoring it back to a normal unhacked AT&T state so that I can update firmware as normal (to the latest).

    I hear that using the Restore feature in iTunes will make the phone functionality go away. Is that true? If not, does that remove all my contacts/phone numbers and how I save those?

    More info:
    Using Windows XP computer
    Firmware: 1.0.2
    hacked with iBricker.

    Please help! Thank you very much in advance!
    2008-01-16 03:39 AM
  2. dooley19's Avatar
    If your with AT&T and your phone is not unlocked, then u should be able to just restore your phone and upgrade if u like, if you sync your contacts, u wont lose anything. U just wont have the installer no more.
    2008-01-16 08:33 AM