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    well as like a few others i decided to update to 2.0 before pwnage and then once pwnage came out i realised i coudnt use it because i only have a windows pc.So i waited for winpwn and tried this morning and guess what didnt work error 160# i tried a few more times and still no luck. And then suddenly it was very hard to get into dfu and now itunes says that i cannot use my iphone because my sim dosnt work.
    I normally use ziphone
    I am n vista and have heard that winpwn dosnt work on it aswell
    i bought this iphone a while ago now have had no problems
    untill now

    please help

    im at my witts end :(

    Iphone 1 gen 8gb
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    x2 help!?!?!?!
    2008-07-27 07:46 AM