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    Ok so after I got this figured out(the quote) I went ahead and attempted to restore it. When I went to restore it extracted the 2.0 firmware and then it said Error 13 cannot restore. What can I do to resolve this and what does it meen?
    Edit:Now im recieving Error 1619 when I try to reconnect it.
    ]Alrighty, so i've been trying for the longest time to get my iPhone to get unlocked and been through all the drama of that. I was restoring my custom 2.0 software on it on my xp computer then it wouldnt go any further than preparing iphone for restore. So I ctrl+dlt out of that. I plugged it back in to try it again, then thats where it wouldnt work. iTunes wouldnt detect my iphone. I kept restarting the pc and plugging it back in and out ect. Then it said on iTunes that it could not retrieve the proper information from the iphone to connect. So I went on my laptop with vista to try to restore it to the regular 2.0. I plugged it in and it said "The iPhone cannot be used with itunes because the information required for activation could not be obtained from the iphone. Check that the Sim card is inserted in your iPhone and that it's not pin-locked.
    Problem: iTunes won't let me connect the iPhone to it because it can't get the information to activate it. HELP!
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