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    2 questions:

    1. I have 1 iPhone, and 2 computers (actually 4, but 2 that matter). I want the iPhone to sync the music from 1 computer, and the calendars from the other computer. Is this possible?

    The reason is 1 computer is an iMac at home I use for personal files, like music sand movies. The other is a macbook pro i use for work, which has all my project calendars in iCal.

    How can i get all this info onto the iphone? I really dont want the calendars on the imac, and i really dont want the music on the macbook pro.

    any advise?

    2. If i originally bought my phone via a 3rd party retailer here in HK, selling with pre-jailbroken iphones using iPhone SimFree unlock method. I am currently using the 1.1.1 unlocked phone, but want to upgrade to 1.1.3 once thats possible. Question is......can i upgrade using anysim or one of the other sim unlocks, or must i wait for a unlock method only from simfree?
    2008-01-17 07:01 AM
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    if noone has an answer to above scenario.....what about if i just want to sync with 2 computers. This means i will keep the iphone and both computers in sync together. If change on one, change on all.

    any ideas?
    2008-01-18 08:28 AM