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  1. wcb4's Avatar
    I know that doing a restore does not really put the phone back in pristine condition. I did that once, then re-hacked it, and some of the preferences from the first time were still there. I also know that the sym links that are created by Oktoprep are not destroyed. Is it possible to completely re-do this so that the phone is in pristine condition?

    2008-01-17 04:05 PM
  2. sziklassy's Avatar
    It should be gone, unless you used software like anysim which messes with your baseband. NOTHING should be left if you did a restore correctly, at least it never has when I have done restores and I have done at least a dozen. If you are having problems look up the virginize guides. You are right in saying that the phone is not virginized if you have used a sim unlock method.
    2008-01-17 04:12 PM