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    Hey all,
    I have a iphone that I downloaded updates from installer. This caused my iphone not to send calls. My computer had not made it to Cairo, Egypt yet so I borrowed an older PC and downloaded Itunes 7.7 (1st mistake). My wife go on Itunes with the iphone and tried to update it (2nd mistake). Now it is locked in recovery mode. I have downloaded itunes 7.5 and uninstalled 7.7. I put the phone in DFU mode and try to restore to 1.1.4. Every time its gives me the 1604 error. Is it because I don't have a USB 2.0 port. I'm not sure what the difference is but I read a post about trying diffirent USB ports. I will take any advice. I know I am following the instructions right, but I can't get a 10xx error message. Thank ahead of time for the help.
    2008-08-02 01:13 PM