1. tsmr's Avatar
    hey guys, I just updated and jailbroken my iphone with nate's ibrick to 1.1.3 .
    unfortunately, I noticed several bugs (my bt headset doesn't work, edge settings don't stick) so I wanted to go back to 1.1.2 .
    from what i've read, nate patched the firmware so that the baseband remains untouched when upgrading, so I am thinking it shouldn't be too hard to downgrade.
    I have two questions now:
    1) can i do the downgrade via itunes (loading the 1.1.2 ipsw file)?
    2) will my settings/texts/contacts still be there after the downgrade?

    thanks for the help!
    2008-01-25 11:35 AM
  2. lonjevity's Avatar
    1) Yes using shift in iTunes would do the trick

    2) I am not 100% sure if your texts & contacts will remain in tact, but I do remember doing either an uprgrade/downgrade and yes my contacts and settings remained. The only thing that didn't obviously were the apps

    There have been complaints regarding Nate's version try the DevTeams one.

    I also have a question:

    You had 1.1.2 jailbroken with turbosim uprgraded to 1.1.3 and kept the same baseband and were able to use the phone?
    I just wanted to clarify that the baseband doesn't change so I can use my Turbosim and have 1.1.3.
    2008-02-01 05:18 PM