1. phillyphan2525's Avatar
    i have a first gen 2.0 firmware iphone (my friend got 3G i got his)

    i have att but do not want to activate w/ att/itunes/appla

    I have tried Pwnage, iLiberty, ZiPhone

    my iphone just shows the emergency call screen or after a failed attempt to unlock the connect to itunes picture untill i restore back, it then shows the emergency call screen

    I can't get in to dfu mode i have tried holding the home and power button then release power button as w ell as iLiberty to force it into dfu mode

    any help would be greatly appreciated
    Thanks, James
    2008-08-05 12:19 AM
  2. shadowck5000's Avatar
    Im not to sure what you want to do with it just jailbreak it/ unlock it. Heres a link to get WinPwn http://www.********************/2008...-20-jailbreak/
    and this is want they say to do DFU mode.
    "To do this, hold down the ‘power’ and ‘home’ buttons at the same time for ten seconds (turning your iPhone off), and then immediately release the ‘power’ button and continue to hold the ‘home’ button for another ten seconds. Your iTunes should recognize your device and your iPhone screen should be ALL BLACK. If you see the docking screen, you have hit the actual ‘Recovery Mode’ and need to repeat the process until you get the blank ALL BLACK iPhone screen."
    2008-08-05 12:30 AM