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    I am unable to transfer movie rentals to my 1.1.3 Jailbroken iphone. It will spend some time copying the file, but then it will give me a message saying that iTunes was unable to connect with iTunes Store. My Internet connection is fine. Is anyone else having problems with this? (i.e. is this a JB thing or is this just another bug/quirk that I always seem to encounter with Apple software?)

    (Has no one tried renting and playing a movie on a JB iPhone?)
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    2008-01-27 06:50 AM
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    JLA - Using 1.1.3-3 without hactivation (replacing lockdownd method) and i.unlock.no's youtube fix, I can get the movies to successfully transfer to the iPhone. Unfortunately as soon as you go to watch them on the iPhone they vanish from the video list (you can see them go away). They stay missing until your next synch - only to vanish again if you try to watch them. They can be transferred back to iTunes successfully.

    Not a fix, but seems closer....
    2008-02-03 08:26 PM
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