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    Can someone post a guide that is specific to a 4.6 bootloader phone. My phone is a week 51 phone I upgraded it Nates 1.1.3 and it works but I dont like it and I want to restore my phone back to 1.1.2 so it still works with my turbosim card. Please help me. All I see is more specific to 3.9 bootloaders and alot of us have 4.6 phones. Moderator maybe a new forum section specific to 4.6 phones? Any help would be appreciated!!!
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    2008-01-27 11:33 AM
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    Can't be done. you updated your modem firmware with 1.1.3 and the 4.6 bootloader will keep you from downgrading. there is a hard unlock which may become available for the 1.1.3 (it is currently available for 1.1.2) For now you can downgrade firmware and enjoy ipod, wifi, youtube, etc. but no unlock for you. Sorry man...
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    2008-01-27 11:42 AM
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    Please let me know atleast how I can reformat my phone back to 1.1.2 ootb any tutorial would be greatly appreciated

    can someone with knowledge at least point me in the right direction. Only takes a second to answer.
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    There are heaps of tutorials out there. Basically you will need to download the 1.1.2 firmware manually and installing using the shift-click restore method in iTunes. Seriously, search for it

    However, you will not be able to downgrade the modem firmware.
    2008-01-28 12:07 PM
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    I just want to make sure as I bought this phone unlocked and before I do it I want to make sure I dont mess it up. I appreciate it thanks! I will try it tonight
    2008-01-28 08:35 PM