1. azki's Avatar
    hey all, ive had my iphone 3g 16gb for 3 weeks now and decided to jailbreak it, so i did, and it worked fine, now when i turn it on, wifi works, theres no signal, and when i go into settings, where there should be carrier, there isnt?! help!!! i looked it up and it says you wont be able to use phone functions unless your using the simcard you got with ur iphone 3g, or somthing, this is the simcard ive used for years, including the one i used on my iphone 3g before i jailbroke it like 30 mins ago!, im waiting for a call from the hospital this is urgent! help!
    2008-08-08 04:18 PM
  2. Poseidon79's Avatar
    When you created your custom firmware you have to use expert mode make sure the boxes for "activate" and "you tube activation" are unchecked. Then after you're done plug into iTunes for activation and you should get signal. This means you will have to rebuild another firmware and restore.
    2008-08-08 04:21 PM
  3. azki's Avatar
    im not on AT&T i liv in nz, so it says i need to have Cydia and Youtube activation checked

    but okay, tomorrow morning ill remake the firmware, with only cydia checked, not youtube , and uncheck activation, then build the ispw. is that correct?
    2008-08-08 04:28 PM