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    for some odd reason my iphone was acting funny, when i was in the middle of typing up an sms it would close out, i figured it was because i had been talking to to many people so i cleared all my sms out, to my avail it was still doing the same, so i figured it just needed to be restarted, so thats what i did.

    this is where i knew something was deffinately wrong, when the phone booted (in verbose mode because i like to know whats going on) at the end of the boot i got "ready to start usb stack" ....and i have seen that before, and knew it wasnt a good sign. after the phone booted it never got to the home screen, only to the usb part and the restarted 5 times. finally after letting it loop it booted.

    but the problems weret done throwing themselfs at me, when i went to open anything, it would all close out.so i said screw it i would do a restore, no big deal right? WRONG, when i went to show my buddy what was going on it all just kept going downhill, the phone kept restarting like earlier, but this time it never came back. if finally died, and all i was left with was the connect to itunes. and because i already planed on restoring, no problem...so i thought. went to restore and it gets even worse, all i get are errors 20, 6, 3, 16xx..... and the strange part is when the iphone is preparing for restore the apple logo appears, then the spinning wheel, and when the sheel pops up a few sec's later the phone restarts and waits for the wheel only to do it again, which piss's off itunes and throws an error.

    ive done this in both dfu mode and normal mode, and not having any luck, ima be up all night just praying that i dont have to go back to apple, and if so, this will make it my 5th iphone ='/

    more info: jailbroke with iliberty, 1.1.4, windows xp 8gb 1st gen

    im always on here(as you can tell by my post count, lol) so someone please hit me up and give me your opinion or best educated guess

    i do press the thanks button
    2008-08-09 10:48 AM