1. gros21's Avatar
    ok i can't seem to do any thing with my iphone. when its on it just has the itunes logo and the USB plug (not the iphone plug icon)

    after trying to restore (via itunes) it comes up with error unable to restore unknown error (6)

    also winpwn come sup with unknown file when trying to open my ipsw files grrr
    2008-08-10 09:53 AM
  2. movalwebmaster's Avatar
    haha no ur iphone is not bricked, its just not restoring properly, try using another computer if you can, and make sure what ipsw file you have isnt corrupt.

    did you use itunes to d/l 2.0 software? or did you get it from somewhere else?

    are you running a jailbroken 2.0 or normal 2.0?

    please give more details as to what you have done and what ur doing, it will help everyone reading this on understanding whats going on and how we can help u
    2008-08-10 10:46 PM