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    I have got a way of saving all of your Cydia applications and putting them ALL back right after you restore; saving you the trouble of finding all of your apps again.

    First you want to get a list of all the installed apps and libraries
    cydia has installed for you:

    "A=`dpkg -l | awk '{print $2}'`; echo $A"

    Take this list, remove any information about failed installs (should there be any information there will only be a few words to remove) and then remove the word 'firmware' from the list. Store the list somewhere safe (Text document on your Desktop).

    You then want to back up the /etc/apt folder (You will put it back later).

    Install new firmware.

    Replace your /etc/apt folder with your backup.

    SSH to your phone:

    To download a list of all the available packages from various places run "apt-get update"

    Finally you need to run "apt-get install PACKAGE_LIST" (Package list being the contents of the document you saved earlier).

    **Should you encounter any conflicts (Fairly rare) then you must decide which of the apps you do not want (The conflicting apps will be listed)**

    It should then go off and download all the applications and then install them one at a time. Takes a while to do this, but you can leave it to do its thing for 10 minutes or so. Once this is done, you need to force a re-spring:

    "killall SringBoard"


    Don't forget to remove all the quotes (If you copy/paste).

    I KNOW this works as I have done this numerous times! I hope you find this helpful! If you have any problems feel free to post back here and I'll help you out. Please post back with success stories aswell as it's the only way to make this more widely known.


    Wijman & Milamber3
    2008-08-12 03:37 AM
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    Thnx for the guide... been looking for a way to do this for a while now. I thought it would be done in such a way but had no idea on how to execute it. I havent tried it yet but plan on doing so soon. I just have some questions.

    First: What would I need to delete from here?

    Status=Not/Installed/Config-files/Unpacked/Failed-config/Half-installed Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems Name adv-cmds apt base bash berkeleydb bigboss bzip2 com.att.images113 com.bigboss.bossprefs com.

    Second: When you run "apt-get install PACKAGE_LIST"... does it search your computer for the information you copied or does it open a window for you to get that info?

    Thanx a lot for your time and effort in this matter. This seems to me to be a big issue and im surprised no one has resolved it yet with some sort of program, or a work around like urs. Oh well
    2008-08-24 11:14 PM
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    This IS your package list! \/ \/ \/

    adv-cmds apt base bash berkeleydb bigboss bzip2 com.att.images113 com.bigboss.bossprefs com

    So thats

    apt-get install adv-cmds apt base bash berkeleydb bigboss bzip2 com.att.images113 com.bigboss.bossprefs com

    I have recently found out that if you FTP your programs off your Iphone then you can place them in the Cydia 'Auto Install' Folder, hopefully this functionality will be used in the next version of Cydia and have a 'back up' program of some sort.

    2008-08-24 11:57 PM
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    No that was not the complete list, I just wanted to kno of tht section wht needed to be removed, because u said to remove the error information. From wht I was looking at I wasnt sure which tht was. So if u cld lend a hand or eye. Also can you answer my second question, I was uclear of this frm ur guide. Thnx

    *As a side note on my second question, I found a text, after running "A=`dpkg -l | awk '{print $2}'`; echo $A", in my files but it was empty*
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    2008-08-25 06:49 AM
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    I've been using this method above ever since the 3G came out, so I thought I would post and share my experience.
    I also use AptBackup, AppBackup, iPhoneNotes (on Mac) & MobileSyncBrowser (on Mac).

    To backup:
    1.) Follow first half of steps at top of post to export list of all jailbreak apps and save in a text file on your computer.
    2.) Edit text file to remove everything at the begining up to and including "Name". Also remove the word firmware. Your file should begin with a package name and only contain package names.
    3.) Copy your /private/etc/apt directory to your computer.
    4.) I copy all jailbreak apps that are on the iPhone in /private/var/stash/ApplicationsXXXXXX (the Xs are random everytime you restore your iPhone) to your computer via SCP or SFTP.
    5.) Backup any video from Cycorder that is in /private/var/mobile/media/videos/ and your NES ROMs directory from /private/var/mobile/media/ to your computer
    6.) Run AptBackup and backup
    7.) Run AppBackup and backup all
    8.) Run iPhoneNotes, get notes from iPhone and export somewhere safe on your computer.
    9.) Let iTunes do a backup of the iPhone
    10.) Restore iPhone, and quit iTunes
    11.) Kill the background "iTunes Helper" program
    12.) Run QuickPwn for your firmware version
    13.) Run Cydia, select developer and do all updates until there are no updates when you open Cydia
    14.) Install OpenSSH, AptBackup, AppBackup & BossPrefs
    15.) Make sure your WiFi is configured and use BossPrefs to get your WiFi IP address and confirm SSH is on.
    16.) Restore your apt directory and run the "apt-get install APPLIST"
    17.) SFTP all your jailbreak apps, NES ROMs & videos back back to their original places
    18.) Reboot your iPhone and start iTunes and let it restore your iPhone
    19.) After iTunes restore, run AptBackup and restore
    20.) Run AppBackup and restore
    21.) Run BossPrefs and use the more/fix permissions tool
    Reboot your iPhone!
    2008-10-15 09:39 AM
  6. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    I copy my /Applications, /var/root, and /var/mobile folders to a folder on my desktop and if I have to restore I drop them back into the phone.
    2008-10-15 10:12 AM
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    non of these work

    please help
    2008-10-25 02:04 AM
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    i did this but when everything was finished and i force respringed there was nothing installed
    2009-01-24 10:46 PM
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    What does the following mean?

    First you want to get a list of all the installed apps and libraries
    cydia has installed for you:

    "A=`dpkg -l | awk '{print $2}'`; echo "
    I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with the text in quotes. I know how to use Terminal to SSH into my iPhone, but that text is not a terminal command.
    2010-07-07 06:25 AM