1. chesky69's Avatar
    so what i needed to know was ..what update is most safe...the dev teams seems to have soo many bugs, NateTrues is illegal...the only one that seems ok to me is the one at ijailbreakme.com, but since i live in Canada it does not say anything about the UNLOCK status...does it keep your unlock?...if not, PLEASE tell me which method you used..i am currently on 1.1.1 so thats why i figured it would be best to use the ijailbreakme.com method....
    Help plz?
    2008-01-31 07:42 PM
  2. jwaschbisch's Avatar
    it is supposed to keep your unlock, the dev team version worked ok for me though but im locked to att. I guess my advise would be to wait and see how things play out....maybe then you can make a better educated decision
    I can't wait until the day after yesterday's tomorrow.
    2008-01-31 08:04 PM
  3. defmute's Avatar
    jailbreak and activate with jailbreakme.com

    then do oktoprep and upgrade to 1.1.2

    then unlock and wait

    for more detailed instructions check out the guides section.
    2008-01-31 08:28 PM
  4. chesky69's Avatar
    my phone is already unlocked and jailbroken....i think poeple are getting confused between jailbreakme.com and www.ijailbreakme.com.....a new method was released at ijailbreakme.com and its very similar to the dev teams method..except you can upgrade to 1.1.3 straight from 1.1.1...and you can also clear the 185 mb file...
    2008-01-31 09:31 PM