1. neildunne's Avatar
    Everything went perfect with the upgrade using Winpwn for windows, but when i try to install an .ipa application through itunes i get the message 'The application was not installed on the iphone because an unknown error occurred (0xE8000001). At first i thought it was because i done a backup restore from my iphone 2.0, so i re-installed my 2.01 software and set it up in itunes as a new phone, but still the same error message. Any idea how to resolve this please guys?...........Thank-you
    2008-08-14 01:44 AM
  2. ricksonf's Avatar
    i have this kind of problem too...

    ive searched one website to update the USB in the system file in the control panel.

    but i still have the same problem..

    anyone help us..
    2008-08-30 03:57 AM
  3. Eminem1976's Avatar
    i doubt u will find help for this problem here, cause there is no discussion of warez allowed here as per the rules, i would suggest use goggle to find the solution to ur problems, gl!
    2008-08-30 07:19 AM