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    Yep, I am probably asking the same thing thats been asked a million times over but, I'm going to ask because this seems like the place to be with questions. Okay, I bought a used 4gb iphone yesterday. It is locked and has been upgraded to firmware 2.01. Now, I would like to unlock it so I can use it with my T-Mobile SIM card. I see there are 3 main unlock siteswnd, iliberty, and ziphone. Which of these would work for me? I thought I read that T-mobile users couldnt use the 2.01 firmware with a T-mobile SIM card. So I would have to downgrade, then unlock/jailbreak the phone correct? Also, I havent upgraded my itunes to the newest edition yet. Should I do that as well? Thank you for reading.
    2008-08-14 07:55 PM
  2. tikigod19's Avatar

    This is the post you'll need. I did it yesterday with no problems. I would recommend 1.1.4 over 2.0 anyway:

    2008-08-18 10:11 AM
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    edit: Never mind, didn't read all your details properly.
    2008-08-18 12:26 PM