1. nabeel's Avatar
    hey guys i am runnig firmware 1.0.2 and i got it unlocked by someone, but they told me not to upgrade it can someone please tell me if its safe for me to upgrade to 1.1.1 or even 1.1.2? i am using my phone with tmobile. thanks
    2008-02-02 11:30 PM
  2. A_SWELLGUY's Avatar
    dont do it! if you dont have the experience and are happy with what you have keep it its not worth the hassle and you will be posting up a storm to get it to work i would but a stealth sim or next sim on ebay an us that so if you screw up your phone you can always restore and start over but to be honest dont do it i have seem a billion post on help issue and you dont want to be one of them....
    iPhone: 16gb 2g
    firmware: 2.2.1
    Operating system: osx
    2008-02-03 12:51 AM
  3. frankydabull's Avatar
    Yea, that isnt the move for someone who is new to the unlocking, jailbreaking thing. If possible, find someone local who can do it for you. It will save you money and frustration and is well worth it. LOL, plus if they screw your phone, THEN you can still come back and get help. Id be more than willing to walk you through the process, but its a long one!
    2008-02-03 02:09 AM