1. bconnor's Avatar
    I have a couple questions about var/root. I used the official dev team's soft upgrade.

    1. Does this directory exist on a non-jailbroken iphone 1.1.3?

    2. What is the purpose of this folder on a jailbroken iphone (1.1.3)? ie. does the iphone access it, and if so, what for?

    3. To fix preference and sync issues, I made /var/root/Library a symlink to var/media/Library. However, after doing this, youtube didn't work (i think this is a lockdown folder issue?). So I undid this, and instead symlinked my Preferences, Addressbook, and Calendar folders. Is this okay to do?

    4. Instead, could I replace the lockdown folder in /var/mobile/Library with the one in var/root/Library?

    Basically, I don't know what files are necessary, and which ones are useless duplicates that the phone doesn't access. Thanks!
    2008-02-03 07:39 AM