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    I recently purchased a UK iPhone 3G on the O2 network (existing O2 customer at the time).

    As such I was not interested in unlocking the phone to use other mobile carriers however I was interested in installing extra applications and gaining access to the phone so I could do that much more with it.

    I am not 100% sure but I think I successfully imaged the phone with a Jailbroken image using the Winpwn application.

    Here is what I did:

    Installed Winpwn
    Located the 2.0.1 Upgrade IPSW image on my PC (in the Users AppData location)
    Made a copy of the IPSW image and loaded it into Winpwn
    Click on Build IPSW and made sure I wasn't activating the phone
    Selected custom loading and restore images and ticked Cydia
    Built the image and the iPwnd the image file
    Hard Reset the iPhone and then restored the custom image to the phone

    Once all the above was done the phone appeared to be using the custom IPSW image and I was able to successfully update Cydia and then download some applications.

    iTunes kept complaining about restoring the phone however I found out you need to just select Setup New Phone to stop this happening.

    Did not notice any issues with the phone, 3G, O2, GPS and Wifi worked fine however I did notice many Cydia applications installed but then failed to work.

    I tried using Boss Tools to set the directory permissions and used Putty to ssh into the iPhone to reset the passwords and take a look around. I was able to get onto the iPhone and use the OS however I could not tell if the phone was working as intended.

    Has anyone else had any issues with Winpwning their 2.0.x iPhone 3G? I suspect many of the Cydia applications either need updating to work with the new OS or there is some extra restriction in place that does not allow files to be copied around.

    Any tips appreciated.

    2008-08-16 06:00 AM