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    So the title as the thread title says, i think i successfully jailbroke my iphone. I am running 1.1.3 and the installer is on my springboard. However, my phone is not getting service, doesn't have the E for edge...etc...It doesn't, however, tell me that my SIM card is inncorrect. I called my number and it rings and goes to voicemail. So how do i pair my number i with my phone again? I use AT&T...
    2008-02-05 08:16 AM
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    this has happen to me soooooooo many times its the reason im still using 1.1.1, what i do to fix it is download 1.1.1 and restore it to 1.1.1 using itunes (hold down shift and click on restore and locate 1.1.1 on my hard drive i suggest saving it to your desktop when u download it) then jail break it then install bsd, then install and run the baseband downgrader,then virginalize, then restore again to 1.1.1, re jailbreak, install and run anysim and its fixed...i know its sooo freakin repeatitve and takes a long time but doing it this way works everytime

    edit: ooh by the way this is all done with a pc i havent tried it on a mac, if you do decide to do it this way, and after restoring it the first time and itunes gives u an error thats fine just run ibrickr and it will give u an option to boot the phone to the activation screen you can then jailbreak it from there, hope this helps
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    2008-02-05 10:08 AM
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    my iphone version is 1.1.2 when it was out of box. i was using GSM sim card with x-sim and it was workin. when i connect to itunes it said update is available for your iphone and then i update it to 1.1.3 from 1.1.2....and it updated modem firmware to 04.03.13_G also. and they say that my bootloade is 4.6. i was unable to jailbreak...activate it and i donwgrade back to 1.1.2 but i couldnt downgrade modem firmware. now its workin like ipod touch but it was workin b4 with the same bootloader but y its not workin with the sim now? plse help me to get my phone work like before.....or else give the instruction plss
    2008-02-06 03:30 PM