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    First of all let me thank everyone for all of their expertise. Up to this point I have been able to fix any iphone issues I've had without having to post, but now I' stumped. I have a jailbroken, activated iphone running 1.1.1. I use installer, tons of 3rd party apps, and am loving life. The problem is that I cant add any ringtones. I use iBrikr to upload them and according to it everything is fine, but when I try to access them via Settings/Sounds/Ringtones the only ones there are the originals. These were the only ones I had installed when I installed and ran "BossTool". I followed the BossTool directions to a "T" and everything was fine. Disk space freed up and all worked well (Thanks Boss), but now I'm stumped with the ringtone problem.
    This is not a deal breaker because I still love this phone, but admittedly, Apple leaves a lot to be desired in the way of ringtones.
    Let me throw this out also. The "Customize" app can't seem to be able to change my "AT&T" carrier logo either. It has no problem with anything else, just the carrier. Don't know if these probs are connected.

    Any Ideas?

    Thanks in advance,

    OK whenever I run iBrikr and click "Ringtones" the tones that I have tried to install show on the list, however when I use iBrikr to navigate to Applications/Ringtones they do not show.
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    Can fix your carrier prob and maybe the problem with the ringtones!
    * Carrier problem: The way i fixed mine is, assuming your not at&t, is to use an app called Make it Mine, by Erica Sadun, this program allows you to add a fake carrier name, (letter only!) What you do is type in At&t in MIM and press set. Go into Customize and change carrier. If At&t dosen't work try T-Mobile! That's the only way i could get it to work!

    * Ringtones - All i can suggest is you use a program called RingRing (windows), et it from downloads. Only one ringtone at a time will work. Open program, drag song, wait, it should come up under ringtones. Chose song under ringtones. Turn phone off and on. Enjoy!
    2008-02-06 02:48 AM
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    I ended up using a program called iPhoneRingtoneMaker. It works like a charm. I did notice that iBrikr was only transcoding the ringtones to mp4 iPhoneRingtoneMaker transcodes them to m4r, and places them into the correct directory. It also allows you to extract what piece of an audio file you want, and adjust the volume, as well as add effects such as reverb etc. If anyone is interested pm me I'll give information about how I got it for free.
    I still can't get my carrier image to change.
    2008-02-06 02:58 PM