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    Hi i was wondering if anyone can answer this question please? Apologies in advance if it has already been covered in a previous post!

    Any advice is much appreciated.

    I'm running a 2g Iphone on version 1.1.4 its been jailbroken and unlocked.
    Now a friend of mine reckons the new 2.0.1 update will allow any 02 sim card to be used on the handset now. As im on 02 pay and go I don't mind it locking the phone to only O2 and as stated above im not to fussed about it being jailbroken anymore as apps are being made avaliable on the itunes store. What i wanted to know was if i update my phone will it 'brick it' (this is a term im not to familiar with) what does that mean exactly?

    I just want to be able to update my phone to 2.0.1 so i can update the APN settings and use the web and wifi bolt on on my pay and go sim. 02 seem to think that my phone will not be blocked if i do the update only locked to O2 which again is fine.

    So can someone please tell me in no uncertain terms as to whether or not updating my firmware from 1.1.4 to 2.0.1 on my 2g iphone that is unlocked and jailbroken will render it useless? What state will it be left in? If its just locked to O2 and not jailbroken anymore i can live with that. But if it will lock the phone and not even allow my pay and go sim to work (is this what bricked means) then i'd like to know.

    Sorry for the long thread! Thank you in advance!
    2008-08-18 11:28 PM