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    i was on 1.0.2 since i got it back in sept. for some reason whatsoever, i upgraded my unlocked ifone to 1.1.3 and bricked it (i think). if i put in the at&t card, it shows the numpad but no service, i cant call anyone. the wifi works tho. if i put in the tmobile card, it shows the 'connect to itunes' picture everyone is so familiar with. i tried downgrading it to 1.1.1 and runnig independence on my macbook but it says it can cause the firmwire's 1.1.3 and doesnt confirm with it (for some reason). WHAT DO I DO?? how do i go about this? i want to be able to go back down to an older FW and work my way up.

    i dont want to buy a new iphone cause i know this one will get fixed.

    please help, anyone. i would be so grateful

    thank you
    2008-02-09 09:24 PM