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    Hello guys !!!!
    Gratz for the wonderful work u r doin helping all of us iphoneholics out there !!!!

    I updated my iphone via the official dev to 1.1.3 last night.
    Everything went ok...jailbreak worked fine.
    The problem is that half of the basics icons like phone icon were missing like deleted or smt and the most annoying problem was that i couldnt execute any app.
    For example any icon i was presing turned into grey (shadow) but the app wouldnt start. Although i managed to open settings cause my network lost its signal and throwed me to settings i didnt saw smt strange.
    1.1.3 updated (no OTB) // baseband 4.2
    I couldnt do anything so i had to downgrade again to 1.1.1 for full working again.

    Any clue???
    Thx for your help....
    2008-02-10 03:38 PM