1. zsuns's Avatar
    Okay so i've had my 1.1.3. iPhone jailbroken 3 times now, but every time i only have it jailbroken for about 3 hours because when i reboot it, it loads up, but gets stuck on that apple logo with a spinning icon thinking thing. Anyone know why ?

    I think it might be because when i download packages off of installer, i add too many to the queue thing and it can't take that much in or something, i dunno.
    2008-02-10 11:46 PM
  2. Cool Jimmy J's Avatar
    See if this helps. Read EVERYTHING before doing anything. I almost missed the part about having BSD installed so it wasnt working for me at first. Good Luck


    2008-02-11 06:44 AM
  3. Switch07's Avatar
    ok I'm going on to my FOURTH time jailbreaking this phone because I've had the same exact problem. But i think I figured out what causes it. Did you happen to install the Guitar Hero 3 mod for TTR?? Because this time around I was expecting it to go down again, and I installed apps 1 by 1 and checked them. I got the spinning wheel right after I installed this mod!
    2008-02-11 06:47 AM
  4. shawnjam's Avatar
    Switch,,I've got the same problem. I have a jailbreak, 16gig, 3G with about 30 apps on it. And I have had to restore like 10 times since I bought it. If I reboot the phone it almost always does it. There is a big thread about it at apple support. The only way to stop it from hanging that I have found is to not install apps from the store. They need a 2.1 firmware update. From what I've read its not the apps but the firmware thats causing the problem.
    Apple - Support - Discussions - iPhone 3G stuck at the Apple logo ...
    2008-08-04 01:44 AM