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    I'm sure you get this often enough, but let me try asking you guys.. I jailbroke my iPhone - and it was pretty cool, I admit, for a good 10 mins.

    I don't really get the point of it, I had originally thought I'd get apps in the appstore for free (things like that band app, and monkey ball).

    Personally, I wouldn't have removed the jailbreak from my phone (I liked the background), but every time I launched the phone afterwards, it would freeze for a second and shut down, making me unable to phone anyone.

    Anyways, what else is there to do on a jailbroken phone? I mean, I made my background look really cool, but that was about it. There was also an NES emulator, but I've gotten tired of playing NES games since.. Well, NES emulators have gotten old. I've played through them all on my PC, gameboy, DS, PSP, my actual NES, etc. So, aside from the NES emulator, what else do we have? The intelliwhatever program was really cool, putting weather and stuff up on my lock screen. Unfortunately, that's a paid app. Really, what else is there to do? There has to be more than just the above to a jailbroken iphone that I'm missing, so what is it? Or are you all really just that obsessed over practically nothing? @[email protected] I also downloaded a few other things like "Kate", but I had no idea what I was downloading. I also downloaded a videorecorder, but that too was a paid app. From what I gathered, Cydia is the installing program I use to get my apps, sort of like a jailbroken appstore. Installer is there too, but I've found nothing good on it. To be honest, I got the NES app, but didn't put anything on it. I know you had to go into the iphone directories, but when looking through it on my PC, I couldn't find any place to put the ROMs. Not that I really want to, i find it really useless. But knowing how to get into your iphone files to add files and whatnot would be handy (I'm on a PC).

    Hmm... What else.. Does anyone know why after I sync with itunes, my iphone's apps randomly stop working? It loads, freezes for a sec, then the app closes. Of course, the main point of this thread is: What good is jailbreaking the iphone? The only reason I've really found that makes me want to is changing the background to something cute. I know this is off topic, but does anyone know a site for good free ringtones? And, how to put them onto your phone (new to the mobile world, loving it regardless)? I dont want to convert songs into ringtones (most of the time those ringtones turn out horrible), I just want a nice ringtone that isn't so... Generic.

    Current programs I use on iphone (in case this helps you suggest jailbroken apps/things to do): Shazam, Facebook, Palringo, Box Office.

    For the record, because I have a feeling I'll be getting it, no, I'm not one of the 13 year old kids who think jailbreaking is awesome. I was misinformed by my friend, I suppose. I heard you can change your ringtone after jailbreaking, how do you manage that?
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    You have only just scratched the surface, you can do a lot more than just make it look pretty, try visiting here iphone4dummies.blogspot.com
    2008-08-25 01:04 PM
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    Meh...sounds like you got your phone pretty late, around the time 2.0 ruined everything.
    Personally, I don't look at jailbreaking as an alternative to having a stock iPhone, I see it as simply adding potential to my phone.A jailbroken iPhone can do everything a stock iPhone can do plus more, not the other way around.
    In the pre-2.0 days, having a phone with only stock apps on it got pretty annoying. I didn't use Stocks, I rarely used Weather, and on one hand I can count the number of times I opened the iTunes WiFi Store.

    Installer and Cydia brought more to my phone than what a stock iPhone would do. I'm not the kind to install useless applications but apps I did install I used to their maximum potential, and as a result, my jailbroken iPhone made life much, much easier. For example: DropCopy for me to exchange files with another iPhone or iPod touch. Agile Messenger and Fring to chat with friends. MXTube to save YouTube videos to my phone so that I didn't have to watch them over the slow and nasty EDGE. Poof to hide the icons of the above Apple apps that I do not use. I remember being without a computer for a month or so, and having the iPhone proved to be a near adequate replacement. I asked myself, if I wasn't jailbroken, what would I have done; flick between Mail and Safari all day? WebApps...let's not even get started on those.
    The point here is that jailbreaking brought to me (some) features that should've been on the iPhone from the start.

    Apple have offset their previous inability to allow freedom on the iPhone with the debut of AppStore, but it's still lacking and it will never replace the values jailbreaking has to offer; some (in my opinion foolish) SDK app restrictions mean that having a stock iPhone won't be enough for my needs. No themes? I didn't really use themes with my 2G iPhone, but I did change the status bar and dock (I don't like the metal grill).
    No background apps? Sigh.

    I dont want to convert songs into ringtones (most of the time those ringtones turn out horrible), I just want a nice ringtone that isn't so... Generic.
    Funny, seeing as without customization through jailbreaking, generic would be exactly what you'd get.

    Bottom line:
    I would rather jailbreak my iPhone and not use its apps at all, than take a stock iPhone and then later find myself wanting or missing a useful app that was rejected by Apple, and then realize that I can't get it because I'm left with a stock iPhone.
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    Thanks for the help so far.. Another bump? I really like the iphone4dummies link (free paid apps FTW!), anyone have any other great sites?

    Looks like for openSSH I need to connect to wifi.. Bummer, cause I don't know my router's pass since my uncle set it up. And he forgot it too.
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    try and type (I think it's that) in an internet browser on a computer connected to the router and see. Or press and hold the reset button on the router.
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