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  1. Skateboard Taylor's Avatar
    Sup people, I googled search about using custom Ringtones for text messages on the iPhone. I found a thread on here but it confused the hell outta me. Was wondering was there any updated post or links on how to do this.

    I got a BRAND NEW iPhone runnin 1.1.3 Previous iPhone had touch screen problems so they gave me a brand new one.

    I DO have custom ringtones on my iPhone for my Contacts jus wondered if anyone figured out how to assign a ringtone to text messages.

    2008-02-12 11:42 PM
  2. yashasvi's Avatar
    not possible yet:-)
    U can submit a request in app request section though
    2008-02-13 09:42 AM
  3. drm309's Avatar
    You have to have access to your system files. Then it's under: System/Library/Audio/UISounds The SMS tones are "sms-received1, sms-received2..." and so on. They have to be CAF files, which can be easily converted by use of quicktime, converting any file to aif then renaming the last 3 from aif to caf. Hope this helps.
    2008-02-13 09:47 AM