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    I just got the 3G and I'm not really familiar with exactly what jailbreaking entails for the iPhone. I've modified other cell phones in the past but it seems like with the iPhone things are a little different. There seem to be a lot of posts here about people experiencing crashing and speed problems with the jailbroken phones. Is this common? What happens to the standard features and applications? How stable are these jailbreak mods?Is everything supposed to operate as normal but now I can download applications that were previously blocked - like tethering, MMS apps, video recording, etc.? Will jailbreaking cause errors with any of my standard programs that came with the iPhone? Why did people here mod their phone? What does it do now better than before? Thanks in advance, and i did do a search before posting this, but the site wouldn't show any results.
    2008-08-28 07:02 PM
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    First of all welcome to MMi and the world of iPhone modding. You are smart to do your homework first. A few bits of sage wisdom:

    Mnay people attept mods without reading thoroughly or following the instructions correctly. Many get impatient and think somehting went wrong. Others do not use the correct tools for their particular setup. A lot of issues have to do with those that need to unlock the phone to use on a non contract carrier. I have jailbroken (and unlocked) every firmware since 1.1.1 on a 1st gen iPhone and have successfully jailbroken 2 different 3G iPhones on 2.0, 2.01, and 2.02. My phones all ran fairly stable. A few key steps that help the process go more smoothly are always restoring as a NEW iphone in iTunes, and make sure you have everything BACKED up before you do anything. One usually can always restore to stock condition and start over, much like reformating and reinstalling your OS on your desktop.

    A couple of apps have cause some users problems. if you are interested in any of those, read the boards and decide if its worth the risk. Most of the time uninstalling a problem app will fix things. jailbreaking sometimes causes glitches in the stock apps, but there are quick fixes for those. Mostly your phone will work just like a standard iPhone if you do things right.

    Tethering, video recorder are all available , not sure about MMS.

    Reasons people mod? One, to unlock the phone for use on a non contract carrier, ie T-Mobile. Two, even those on contract networks like ATT want to customize their skin, icons etc.... Before the app store, it was the only way to get 3rd party apps. Some of those apps were so good and are not and will not be made available on the app store, there are many waiting with baited breath for their re-release for the newer firmwares. Since you have the 3G, you are limited to what is available in the AppStore and what has been released for the newer firmwares on Cydia (jailbroken phones).

    FWIW, I must have read these and otehr boards for weeks before I braved modding the iPhone and i too, had come from modding motos. In the end, the iPhone is much easier to mod, what makes it confusing is the different versions of iPhone, iPod, jailbreak only, unlock etc...

    Good luck to you and there is always help here.

    2008-08-28 07:43 PM